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  My Testimony

          As a lost teenager

I lived my teenage years as a big-time drug dealer under the false influence that this is how I must survive. I was totally deceived, I was at one point homeless, eating out of trash cans, addicted to powder cocaine and marijuana. On several occasions I was nearly killed, had a drug overdose, beaten by 10 guys and left for dead, along with being arrested 19 times and sent to prison 3 times.  

rico pic

My conversion.

In prison is where my transformation began.

My first son was born while I was in prison. This is me holding him while incarcerated in a state penitentiary. What an impossible way to father.

Rico pic
Rico pic

As a Pastor

Preaching and teaching The Word of God, every week for 27 years.

Founder of Spirit of Truth Ministries, President of The Word Center Inc, Pastor of The Worship Center Inc.  Founder of Rico Sharp Ministries, Rico Sharp Motivations and Live Sharp Motivations.



I have one purpose in life and that is to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Rico as a Life Coach


Rico Sharp

As a motivator, my motivation comes from motivating others.


Rico pic

Started my own TV show called "The Truth".

The Truth broadcast was designed to help people live in the freedom of God's Truth, and to experience the liberty of living in their own personal truth.

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